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Southeast Asia


Cambodia is a country immersed in history. In spite of years & years of struggle, the country has appeared today as a nation with a catching spirit seen in its people and a tourism business that is thriving. Being the home of the renowned Angkor Wat and many other temples, this country is intoxicating in its beauty, to say the least. Apart from the history and the culture.

Hong Kong is one of the best instances of the growth of tourism in Asia. Its skyline is the most iconic in the world, lit up at night with a variety of colors and the famous “Symphony of Lights” show, flashing diagonally the skyscrapers. The Victoria Harbour itself is also lit up with stunning lights, and if you catch a glimpse of it from the opposing Victoria Peak, you’ll definitely be enthralled. 

The Indonesian archipelago is a collection of islands that holds untold treasures in its diversity of cultures, landscapes, and cities. With nearly 13,500 islands under its jurisdiction, Indonesia offers an adventure for everyone, from exploring ancient temples and hiking active volcanoes to diving in largely untouched water

Malaysia is ranked 9th in the world for tourist arrivals. The government pushed to increase tourism in Malaysia. Thus, tourism has become Malaysia’s third largest source of foreign exchange income. Malaysia launched a worldwide marketing campaign called “Malaysia, Truly Asia” which was largely successful and brought in over 7.4 million tourists.

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Explore Singapore holidays and discover the best time & places to visit. Capitalizing on its melting pot of cultures, Singapore is finally getting some spark, and is fast becoming one of Asia’s hit-list destinations.

With palm-fringed, sandy beaches, jeweled cultural treasures and magical chance encounters with elephants all on offer, a Sri Lanka tour has a magic all of its own. Sri Lanka holidays provide a fantastic mix of culture, history, people, food, wildlife and beaches altogether in one package.

Thailand is a country on Southeast Asia Indochina peninsula known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha, a revered symbol. In Bangkok, the capital, an ultramodern cityscape rises next to quiet canal and riverside communities. Commercial hubs such as Chinatown consist of labyrinthine alleys crammed with shophouses, markets and diners.

Vietnam is known for its peaceful and serene environ. Once haunted by the bloodshed and conflict of Vietnam War, the streets of the country in its present avatar thrill with youthful energy. Tall and imminent skyscrapers, picturesque floating markets, mopeds rocketing through the roads, and paddy fields add extra to its overall charms. Oozing prodigious natural beauty and rich heritage, the country takes you on a voyage through its ancient architecture and its vivacious culture.

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