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Hong Kong is one of the best instances of the growth of tourism in Asia. Its skyline is the most iconic in the world, lit up at night with a variety of colors and the famous “Symphony of Lights” show, flashing diagonally the skyscrapers. The Victoria Harbour itself is also lit up with stunning lights, and if you catch a glimpse of it from the opposing Victoria Peak, you’ll definitely be enthralled. During the holiday season, Hong Kong offers a full boom of multiculturalism & wonderful travel experience.

Personal appearance is Necessary. | Visas Approval is subjected to Immigration. | We are not responsible in case of Visa is rejected / Delayed. | Visa fee is Non Refundable in any case. | Embassy Have the right to demand extra documents. | All payments made to be in advance.


File + Appointment: 25000
Embassy fee: 8000
All Scan pages of all passports
Copy Of CNIC
03 Pictures (45 x 55) With White Back Ground (Non Glassy Paper)
Bank Statement 06 month with Closing Balance Not Less Than 500000/-
Bank Account Maintenance Letter
Company Letter Head 3 Copies Color (In Case Of Business)
Copy Of NTN (In Case Of Business)
Job Letter & Last 3 Month Salary Slips (In Case Of Employee)
Nika-Nama-English ( In Case Of Spouse)
B. Form (Age Of Less Than 18 Years)
FRC * Family Relationship Certificate ( In Case Of Family)
Student Bonafide Letter (In Case of Student)
Chamber card
Property/ Vehicle Ownership Documents (English Translated)
Mother Name
Beneficiary Name
Cell no. & E- mail
Visa Validity & Duration of Stay: As Per Immigration

Tour Guide Cities

Hong Kong, as a Special Administrative Region of China, is not divided into separate cities. However, there are different districts and areas within Hong Kong that contribute to its unique character and appeal. Here are some of the major districts and areas in Hong Kong:

Kowloon City

Kowloon City is a district in Hong Kong located in the northern part of the Kowloon Peninsula. It is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant culinary scene.

Previously, Kowloon City was home to the Kowloon Walled City, a densely populated area that was a unique architectural phenomenon. Today, the area has been transformed into Kowloon Walled City Park, a peaceful green space that serves as a reminder of its past.

The district is renowned for its multicultural atmosphere, with a significant population of Chinese, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern communities. This diversity is reflected in its vibrant food scene, offering an array of dining options ranging from traditional Hong Kong-style cafes to Thai and Vietnamese eateries.

Kowloon City also has its share of attractions. Kowloon City Plaza is a popular shopping destination with a variety of shops and entertainment options. The district’s waterfront area, including Kowloon City Ferry Pier, provides a pleasant place to stroll and enjoy scenic views of Victoria Harbour.

With its blend of history, cultural diversity, and delicious cuisine, Kowloon City offers visitors a unique and immersive experience in the heart of Hong Kong.


Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is a vibrant and bustling district located on the eastern side of Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong. It is known as one of the major shopping and entertainment areas in the city.

Causeway Bay is renowned for its high-energy atmosphere and diverse retail offerings. It features an array of shopping options, ranging from upscale malls and department stores to local street markets and trendy boutiques. Iconic shopping destinations in Causeway Bay include Times Square, Hysan Place, and Fashion Walk, where visitors can find a wide selection of fashion, electronics, beauty products, and more.

Aside from shopping, Causeway Bay offers a thriving dining scene with a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and street food stalls. From local Cantonese cuisine to international flavors, visitors can indulge in a diverse culinary experience.

The district also hosts various cultural and entertainment events throughout the year. The Victoria Park, located nearby, is a popular spot for leisure activities, picnics, and outdoor events. The annual Hong Kong Flower Show and Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations are among the highlights held in this area.

Causeway Bay’s central location and excellent transportation connections make it easily accessible and a hub of activity. It offers a dynamic and fast-paced environment, attracting both locals and tourists seeking shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences in the heart of Hong Kong.

Sha Tin

Sha Tin is a district located in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It is known for its mix of urban development, natural landscapes, and cultural attractions.

One of the highlights of Sha Tin is the New Town Plaza, a large shopping complex that offers a wide range of retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. It is a popular destination for shopping enthusiasts, offering both international brands and local stores.

Sha Tin is also home to several cultural and recreational attractions. The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is a notable landmark, featuring thousands of Buddha statues and beautiful gardens. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum showcases the city’s rich history and cultural heritage through various exhibitions.

For nature lovers, Sha Tin offers opportunities to explore the great outdoors. The district is surrounded by mountains and green spaces, including the Ma On Shan Country Park and the Shing Mun River. These areas provide picturesque hiking trails, picnic spots, and scenic views.

Additionally, the Sha Tin Racecourse is a major venue for horse racing events in Hong Kong. Visitors can experience the excitement of horse racing and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Sha Tin is well-connected by public transportation, with the Sha Tin MTR station serving as a major transportation hub. It offers a mix of modern amenities, natural beauty, and cultural experiences, making it an appealing destination for both residents and visitors in Hong Kong.

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